Recent Theatre Performances – Off Book Theatre Shows

I do seem to keep getting sidetracked. Having wrapped up Ramshackle Theatre to concentrate on my storytelling work, I found myself repeatedly getting diverted back into theatre…..personally I blame my friends (and acting colleagues) especially Daniel Jeffrey and Martin Williams. Somehow, whenever we’re together ideas for shows just pop into our heads. This led to shows such as:-

Dickens, Drood and the Best of Tomes (2012).



With Martin Williams & Ian Nenna

Puck of Pook’s Hill (2013)


With Daniel Jeffrey & Martin Williams






Robin Hood – The Summer Panto (2014)

 The usual suspects





Plus Ian Nenna, Helen Bourne &  Nic Harding

Shakespeare’s Heroes, Heroines & H’everybody Else (2016 &2017)


and The Great Victorian Dinosaur Hunt (2016 &2017)  

 With Rob Tollman (2016) & Martin Williams (2017) and of course Daniel Jeffrey 

Which brings me back to puppets…..and back to concentrating on Storytelling & Puppetry….oh yes, and writing (see and puppet building (see all of which is what I ought to be getting on with! 🙂