Storytelling & Puppetry Sessions

Fiona Angwin is The Yarn Spinner, a storyteller and puppeteer based in South Wales. She works in schools, theatres, forests, country parks and other venues across the country.


Fiona offers solo storytelling sessions on a variety of themes, as single shows, half day sessions of either two different “sets” of stories, or one “set” followed by a workshop on storytelling and creating your own tales. 

Each “set” will consist of several stories and will last 50 minutes to an hour. Some stories are told simply, but most will involve puppets or props. No staging is used and the sessions can take place inside or outdoors. 

Whole day sessions of up to 4 different “sets” of stories can also be booked. 

To see videos  of sample stories go to the ‘Storytelling Summer 2017’ page 

NEW FOR 2017 – Welsh Legends and Folktales. 

(Stories from across Wales, but especially from Blaenau Gwent and The Valleys area).     

NEW IN PRINT – MANX FOLK TALES…a collection of Manx Stories, as told by The Yarn Spinner. (Published by The History Press, November 2015)

The Tales Told Sections give details of the stories offered:-

General Tales are of Earth, Air, Fire or Water  

Specialised Tales -Welsh Legends and Folktales, Myths & Monsters, and Manx Fantastic Fairytales

Seasonal Tales – Christmas & Winter Stories, and Creepy Tales.

There is also a brand new show  – Behind the Sofa – a sci-fi pastiche puppet show, aimed at Sci-Fi events and Conventions. 

Fiona is a member of The Society for Storytelling and has worked as an actress and storyteller for over 20 years, mainly in primary schools across the country. She has also performed in a range of locations including forests, castles, and even zoos. She has devised and led workshops on topics as diverse as “Bullying” and “Bats and Biodiversity”.

Storytelling sessions are suitable for family audiences and children (4 to 11). (Workshop suitable for 7 year olds upwards – max. workshop numbers 40). The sessions aim to entertain the audience, and to encourage children to discover the magic of stories, words and books The workshop, in addition, helps them to develop their own storytelling skills.

                            She can be contacted at: 

                              (or phoned on 01495 651025 or 07961 845883)

Pricing : Half day sessions usually cost around £100 to £125. Full days of up to 4 shows £185 (but beyond a 80 mile radius of Gwent, South Wales, additional petrol/travel charges may apply).

Performing outside the Buxton Opera House at The Buxton Puppet Festival.