The Tales Told – Specialised

This gives details of the more specialised sets of stories available.

Welsh Legends & Folktales, Myths & Monsters, and Manx Tales.
Again each of the three very different sets of stories lasts about an hour and contains about ten tales.

Welsh Legends & Folktales

(Some general Welsh tales, but with many from Monmouthshire, Blaenau Gwent and The Valleys)

Here be Dragons

The Witches of the Valleys

Shakespeare’s Cave

Puck and the Wedding Dress

The Bwca

The Kindly Fairies

Faithful Friend

The Bird of Enchantment

St Collen and the Otherworld King

The White Horse of Blaina

The Dragon Rock

Music in the Air

The Gwrach y Rhibyn

Ghostly Footsteps – Hunting the Mammoth

The Missing Bride

The Enchanted Book

Smaller & Smaller

The Mermaid’s Warning

The Lady of Llan y Fan Fach

The Devil’s Bridge

The Ghost of PC Pope

The Witches of Betws-y-Coed

 Manx Fantastic Fairy Tales 

The Isle of Man has it’s own rich tradition of folklore influenced by the Celts and Vikings, and the most wonderful and varies fairy tales!

Lord Manannan, Wizard of the Enchanted Isle

The Phynodderee’s Sorrow

The Buggane of St. Trinian’s 

The Black Dog of Peel

The Time Thief

Beware the Ben-Varrey

The Fiddler and The Fairy Folk 

Jack the Giant Killer

Manx Cats and Viking Helmets

The Glashtin


The Legend of the Loghtan

The Lonely Keimagh

How the Isle of Man was Made



Myths & Monsters – Greek Myths and much, much more!

Thor’s Hammer

The Riddle of The Sphinx

Perseus and Medusa

Fenrir, The Giant Wolf

The Chimaera

The Tale of The Lock Ness Monster

Ganesha’s Lost Tusk

The Gorgon and The Gargoyles

How to Chase a Basilisk

The Mysterious Kappa

The Lambton Worm

The Monster That Never Was