Puppet-Making for the Stories

Handmade Puppets. 

Puppets help children (especially younger children) engage with the stories and stay focused. 

While storytelling is predominantly about the words, and weaving

tales out of the listeners’ imagination, it can be helpful to add a

visual element, and audiences really take to the range of puppet 

characters involved in the stories. Many of the stories told in

any set involve puppets, while a few are simply told to develop listening skills.

This blend of styles seems to work well for a whole range of

audiences (including many adults). 


While many of the puppets used to tell the stories are

commercially available, there are a number of characters that 

 crop up in the tales for which no commercial puppets are

 suitable, so these have to be handmade.




Here are some images of a few of these characters, which are made by Fiona. For more information about her handmade puppets, please visit  www.touchstonepuppets.com