The Tales Told – General

     This gives details of the first four general sets of stories available.

                                     (More specialised sets are on the next pages)

            Tales of Earth, Air, Fire And Water!

   Each set of Tales lasts about an hour and contains about ten stories.

                             Earth Tales – Tales of Trolls, Tricks & Toadstools                                                                          

Persephone (Greek Legend) 

The Leprechaun’s Tale (Irish Folk Tale)

Cap O’Rushes (English Fairy Tale)

The Rose Tree (English Fairy Tale)  

The Troll and The Gargoyle (New)

The Rooted Lover (L.Housman)

The Stone Witch (Shropshire Legend)

 The Farmer’s Daughter (Durham Folk Tale)

 The White Rat (French) 

 Buried Treasure (Italian) 

 How the turtle got it’s shell (Greek Legend)

 Air Tales  – Flying Fairies and Whirling Witches

Baba Yaga (Russian Folk Tale)

The Six Swans (Brothers Grimm)

The Day the Sun Hid (Himalayan)

The Golden Goose (Brothers Grimm)

The Unicorn Who Wanted to Fly (New) 

The Rainbow Bat (Mayan) 

The Minister & The Fairies (Scottish)

The Story of Prince Hlini (Icelandic)

The Fairy Boy of Culzean Castle (Scottish)

                                         Fire Tales – Dragon Tales and Other Fiery Fables                                                                                  

The Laidly Worm (English Legend)                   

The Chicken Maiden (Italian)                              

The Cat That Sat By The Fireside (New)            

The Dragon Slayer’s Mum (English Tale)            

Ragnar Shaggy-Legs and the Dragons (Viking)   

Here Be Dragons (Welsh Red Dragon Tale)           

Stan Bolovan and the Dragon (Rumanian)           

Jaberwocky (Lewis Carrol)                              

The Fox Spirit (Japanise)                               

The Solway Bride (Scottish Tale)                    

Water Tales – Mermaids, Magic and Monsters of the Deep

The Magic Well (Welsh Folk Tale)

The Mermaid (English Folk Tale)

The Frog Prince (Brothers Grimm)

The Beachcomber (New)

How the Sea got Salty (Japanese)

Tiddalik The Frog (Australian) 

The Heart Of A Monkey (African)

The Happy Lizard (American/New)

The Dragon Wife (Italian)